The Breakthrough Weekend

Experience a High Impact Creative Holiday with an Incredible Community of GameChangers.

4 Days x 12 GameChangers x Unlimited Breakthroughs

Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st July, 2024

Goa, India

Experience a High Impact Creative Holiday with an Incredible Community of GameChangers.

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About The Breakthrough Weekend

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The Breakthrough Weekend by Coach Sid is an invite-only creative holiday for GameChangers – entrepreneurs, creative visionaries and change-makers who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world.

This four-day retreat in breathtaking Indian locales is a gathering of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and changemakers just like you—driven by big dreams to make a real difference in the world.

Ready to level up? You’ll connect, learn, and grow with other entrepreneurs, experts, artists, and leaders. These are people who dare to think big and aim to create their next big leap.

The Breakthrough Weekend is like stepping into a creative playground filled with wonder, joy and possibilities and it is best experienced, not explained.

Take a sneak peek at our past events through the exciting aftermovies below.

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Goa, India

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Mumbai, India

The Program

A packed schedule filled with growth, connection and tons and tons of fun.

Day 1

Your Inner Game

You are the centerpiece of your life and business.

Learn the systems and tools to realign your productivity, presence and energy to create breakthrough freedom in your personal life.

Day 2

Your Outer Game

A goal without a vision is pointless.

Discover the secret to creating a roadmap that is bigger, bolder and better for breakthrough freedom in your business.

Day 3

Your Dream Team

You can go fast alone, but you can go farther together.

Learn how to connect and collaborate with the right people who can help you make the impossible possible.

The Program

We’ve tailored this weekend to light a spark within you—to challenge you, inspire you, and introduce you to new ways of solving old problems, all while having fun:

Interactive Workshops

Dive into activities that unlock creativity and drive.

Playful Games

Discover new insights through the power of play and connection.

Mastermind Sessions

Work together to find solutions and strategies.

Well-Being Experiences

Recharge with yoga, meditation, and nature walks.


Share your progress and joys with new friends

A Community of GameChangers.

Join a community of outliers who dare to dream big, play full out and are changing the game in their respective fields.

Be in a room filled with like-hearted humans who don’t just get you but want to see you win.  Becoming a part of The Breakthrough Weekend means you’re never on your journey alone. You’ll find friends and allies who celebrate your wins and support you through challenges.

What Entrepreneurs/ Creators are saying about The Breakthrough Weekend

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The Breakthrough Weekend

By the Sea, July 2024

Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st July, 2024

Goa, India

The Breakthrough Weekend

In the Mountains, October 2024

Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th October, 2024

Himachal, India

What Entrepreneurs/ Creators are saying about The Breakthrough Weekend

Hear how this unique weekend has transformed the lives and businesses of those who’ve joined us.

"The biggest challenge I came to solve here was breaking the habits and patterns of my old self. What I wanted to get out of this weekend was consciously and mindfully create my new and true identity that would give me ultimate freedom."

Lory Cirstea

Chief of growth & Transformation Affiniax Partners

"It's been the biggest breakthrough because it helped me clear my vision, and help me understand what I am doing and how and what I need to do going ahead. Every one of my peers was so magical and brought so much to the table in their way. So I think it's just a package that comes as a whole. I'm taking away a lot of energy. This has been a perfect opportunity for me to stop, rethink, realign, reboot myself, and put things into perspective."

Dilsher Sukhija

Hospitality & Real Estate

"My biggest breakthrough is that I feel like a child today with all the energies I had left behind. The word leaving doesn't make sense. I'm taking something from this place. I'm going to talk about this to many to make this world a better place!"

Crispin Dominic

Owner- Action Films Production

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