The Breakthrough Weekend

noun [ C ] UK /ˈbreɪk.θruː/ US /ˈbreɪk.θruː/

An event or experience that suddenly increases your knowledge, perception or understanding

The breakthrough weekend was designed to help you deeply disconnect from your day to day life and business to deeply reconnect with yourself, your energy and your purpose.

It is designed to create breakthrough freedom for you through the power of creative collaborations!

Designed for 5 Kinds of Breakthroughs that Create Freedom

The Program

A packed schedule filled with growth, connection and tons and tons of fun.

Day 1

Your Inner Game

You are the centerpiece of your life and business.

Learn the systems and tools to realign your productivity, presence and energy to create breakthrough freedom in your personal life.

Day 2

Your Outer Game

A goal without a vision is pointless.

Discover the secret to creating a roadmap that is bigger, bolder and better for breakthrough freedom in your business.

Day 3

Your Dream Team

You can go fast alone, but you can go farther together.

Learn how to connect and collaborate with the right people who can help you make the impossible possible.

Life is finite. so I play infinite games.

Disconnect in
Breathtaking Destinations

You will be welcomed into a highly intimate boutique sanctuary in the lap of nature in Goa.

Expect a swimming pool in the middle of a jungle, luxury villas, open-air treetop pavilions with fresh locally harvested and sustainably sourced foods, spa, massages and blissful silences!

By the Sea, July 2024

Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st July, 2024

Goa, India

Disconnect in
Breathtaking Destinations

You will be welcomed into a 100-acre mango orchard nestled between the lower Himalayas and the Markanda River. Expect indoor and outdoor dining, an outdoor bar, an indoor bar/tea lounge, and plenty of outdoor spaces to soak in the sunshine.

The lush greenery and serene views are the perfect escape from the urban bustle to help you reconnect with yourself and other participants this weekend.

In the Mountains, October 2024

Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th October, 2024

Himachal, India

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